I not only want to help you make your script better, I want to do all I can help you become a better writer;

which is why I stay on to help you even after our transaction is complete.

Making you better, one script at a time...

Get a set of very constructive and helpful notes on your screenplay.  As a screenwriter myself, I know how hard getting notes can sometimes be, and I am always mindful of that.

"Pro Screenplays' development notes helped me hone my scripts and take them from good to great. My three scripts that I worked on with him placed well in major screenplay competitions such as Script Pipeline, the Nicholl Academy Fellowship, Page Awards, and Scriptapalooza. I am thankful for the development notes Scott provided. No stroking the ego here; Pro Screenplays points out areas of concern, whether structure or character and everything that encompass them, but also provides stellar suggestions to solve those concerns. He is my go to guy!"

-- Peter Floro, Screenwriter

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Screenwriter and consultant - Scott Parisien

I like to help very talented writers move their scripts up the Pipeline, which is why I do all I can to help promote and pass along screenplays that stand out from the rest.